no drama? wow thats a shock!

thanksgiving was SO weird cause there was no drama and no family. but its a GOOD weird. seriously thats my first relaxing holiday. the boy and i spent it with friends from church and a lot of her family. and boy was it refreshing i LOVED it. oh man it was so fun. we will definitely be hanging with them again. that was a joyus thing.

but of course the drama from the other side continues. my granny wouldn’t even go to her great grandchild’s party. shes such a stinkface. she had us go pick up the stuff for his birthday and take it to my cousins house. so annoying. then my other cousin is annoying cause hes an alcoholic and he wont’ talk to my cousin heidi cause she called him a “drunk” she did say alcoholic which is true he is. and it runs in the family. but whatever it is what it is i guess. so he didn’t show up at the party but my other cousin. he did but he recently got back into drinking/drugs and he looked SO bad and seemed super off to me. its just so sad. i dunno what to do cause i can’t do anything really.

i’m just glad i read or craft to cope with things that bug me haha. such a healthier way to deal with things. there is eating crappy foods too but i generally start to feel yucky after doing that.

i’ve been soooooo tired lately. last night i think i slept 10 hours and i was good but then a couple hours after i woke up i was tired all over again. crikey.

oh! our family thanksgiving on saturday went well. our friend david was sick but his wife and his daughter still came. we played apples to apples. my cousin came over with the boys too! so it was a fun group. always good to have great friends who you consider family over. and my cousin enjoyed it too. then yesterday was a birthday party at my cousins house. and that was pure insanity. all those boys were insane. so loud oh man. but it probably didn’t help that i didn’t sleep all THAT much and then had 15 toddlers in the morning service. boy i had a day of crazy kids yesterday.

i applied to be a writer for the examiner so i’m hoping i make it cause that could be good. i’m gonna rewrite all my book reviews and then post reviews there so that will be great. i hope i make it in! anyways i guess thats all i got for right now.

i also made a forum for my blogfrog community go check it out and talk it would be amazing! and stay tuned for christmas book reviews!

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving. We didn't have family around either. My family is dysfunctional and my husbands well I don't know what to make of them. It was nice just to be home with the kids enjoying a nice meal.

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