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Book Review- The Snowflake by Jamie Carie

 The Snowflake 

Well this next book up for christmas reviews is The Snowflake by Jamie Carie. Not familiar with this author. But it seemed like a good read. It was sent to me by B&H publishing for review purposes. That doesn’t affect this in anyway.
This is set in 1897, around Christmas time. The main character is Ellen, she is traveling with her brother. They are bound and determined to reach the Alaska gold rush. Problems arise with the ship they are on, ice hinders them from going anywhere. Onto plan b they go! Buck makes a decision to travel on foot, going to Dawson City. Buck is another main character that comes in the story. He wants to leave behind a really distressing part of his life. He is determined to put all that in the past. But not until he explores it a little more. Though Ellen strikes him and he quickly starts to fall for her. Ellen stays behind in Dawson City. The stay there isn’t a relaxing time. You’ll see why when you read it. It would be bad of me to ruin the whole thing. But all in all its not what was expected.
The Snowflake is a great read. Also it’s a nice story for Christmas time. It would also be cute to just set out on the table as a decoration. The cover is so cute and Christmasy!

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