never a dull moment

that’s for sure. i almost wish my life would go back to being dull and boring again.

here has been whats happening.

first off i got accepted to write for the examiner! so I’m excited about that. I’m gonna post book reviews up there fitting right? so here is where my profile is. check it out and look and post my link everywhere! it will be awesome!

also yesterday my dad, brother and our dog got in a car accident. thank goodness for great neighbors who come running to help. my neighbor Joe came rushing over here. i had to get the dogs harness and leash. my dad was taking my brother to work. and the dog barely ever has a collar one. so i had to go down there but Joe got a call from his wife Kim who was driving on that stretch and saw them so he came to help so thank goodness he did. my mom was sick puking and the works so i had to do everything and i was freaking out cause i was so stressed and had fifty million things coming at me all at once. everyone is okay thank goodness but it looks like that car is totaled. bleh but i guess things could be worse.

its so funny too cause i had posted about it on facebook and then my cousin texts then she called her mom. who called my grandparents and grandpa was home alone he listened to the message started freaking out, then he called grandma she called here. and that was that. but then today my uncle (dads brother) called and talked and he heard from his kids who saw my facebook too. hahah i have a string of communication apparently. its hilarious. i guess it keeps things interesting guess i should post more things so they all talk to us more. ah well.

also a while ago dad kept saying that he wanted a new car. i was like well i guess you shouldn’t have said that. couple weeks ago when we got snow my Friend had been wearing snow socks. and we all said her snow socks worked too well. so this was the case with my dad saying he wanted a new car. it is kinda good that it happened now. it needed work. but the bad thing is he had just filled up the tank a couple days before. ugh but pretty sure its totaled so hopefully we will get a settlement and such. it wasn’t dads fault.

but another reason our neighbors are awesome. they offered for us to use their car if we needed a bigger car for something. they are so amazing to us they don’t even know! I’m so glad their house didn’t sell and they stayed here.

so thats it from here for now!

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