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Hurricanes in Paradise by Denis Hildreth

Hurricanes in Paradise

Riley Sinclair is settling into her new job as the director of guest relations at a resort on paradise island. She is finally getting on track after things in her life have been so rough and crazy. Being in guest relations can be tough at times. And Riley has a super stressful job. She has to be there for everyone and anyone taking care of everything.

While taking care of a high maintenance author. There were also two ladies that were brought into the group. They somehow fell together in the same places most of their stay. But Riley was stretched to her limit with the author. But they all fell into friendships with each other that no one would have even imagined.

This has a lot of laughter, frustration, hurt, deceit and then throw in a hurricane and boy you have a party!

Not being familiar with this author I didn’t really know what was expected. If it was going to be good or bad. But this was such a great book with so many twists and turns. It just never stopped getting intriguing. Too bad it had to end since it was such an awesome read. But Denise Hildreth had such a great method of putting a story out there. I can’t wait to read more from her. Check out Denise’ books at your local library or bookstore.

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