tooo much time on my hands

i just have too much time to worry, and too much time doing nothing. i am so sad cause i lost that one nanny job. its totally like i’m in mourning or something. i really do miss those toddler cuddles. its really heartbreaking for me. but i’ll move on. i’m just trying to find a new nanny gig. hoping i will get one soon. i gotta write some stuff though.

money is freaking me out too. i think everything is freaking me out. but i am just worried about my blood test bill. i don’t know how much it will be and its totally rawrish. but anyway. my test results are finally good so i’m at a good place iron and thyroid wise which is crazy! i almost don’t believe it.

things are going good in the book review area. i’m excited about some of the reviews i’ll be doing soon. its amazing. i love how things like that work out. also check out my examiner page for reviews!.

anyway i need to get back on the craft train but i got burnt out over that during Christmas. oi. but anyways that’s the deal right now. until next time!

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