i’m old now..

I’m a little less spazzed out as the last time I wrote. Haha I’m just kinda insane these days though. But it is what it is.
Since then I’ve had a birthday, went to a party and got fifty million more books in the mail. Oi I feel like I might be swimming in books soon. But today I got the bamboo crochet hooks I ordered! I’m so excited. They are so light. I ordered them as my birthday present to myself since its easier to go through security at the airport with.
That whole thing I’m still kinda nervous about but I’ll make it. I always do.
So this past weekend the boy and I went to a birthday party. It was hilarious. Sometimes people that keep drinking and drinking are hilarious. But the best time I had was snuggling a 2 month old baby name jubilee joy. She is amazing and so delightfully cute. Oh man I love that baby.
Lately I’ve been feeling very yucky. Sinus stuff and so tired. Its a huge bummer. It makes moving around not very enjoyable. Today it took forever to get going or even be able to put complete thoughts together. It was pretty pathetic.
Other than that I guess nothing very exciting is going on. Until next time!

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