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Book Review – Forgotten by Melody Carlson

Have you ever felt like you were forgotten? Or have you been homeless? Then you might want to read this novel by Melody Carlson.
Forgotten focuses on 17-year-old Adele. She has been through a lot in her life. She’s had to mother her own single mom. Her mother has had a drug addiction and Adele thought that her mom had turned a corner on the problem. She was clean and moved the two of them closer to her new fantastic job. Things went great for a few weeks, until her mother started acting weird and one day simply disappeared with her new boyfriend.
Adele has to learn to function on her own. In the midst of all of this she has friends who are pretty well off, but she finds it hard to keep up the act much longer. Slowly things just begin to unravel to the point that Adele finds herself out on the streets. Will she find a way to survive in this cruel world? Does the girl have a fighting chance?
You’re going to find yourself rooting for Adele in this incredible page-turner. It’s easy to sympathize with her plight.
This is mostly aimed for teenagers, so do recommend it to any teenagers you know. It may help them see a new angle on things that they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Also, this is the first in a series so stay tuned to see what else Melody has in store!

this was provided to me by navpress in exchange for a review. that in no way affected my thoughts.

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