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Book Review – Passport Through Darkness by Kimberly L. Smith

Passport To Darkness by Kimbery L. Smith is about her and her husband’s incredible journeys and the lessons that she learned from them.

She thought that living the “good” life would give her everything she longed for. But boy was she wrong about that! She was called to something different. Something that would change her forever and put a lot of things into perspective. Like how good she has it in America and how it’s okay to be imperfect. And the importance of communication, even if it is a lot of times you are going through the most painful things imaginable.
While reading this book you will probably experience a rush of emotions such as shock and sadness. Kimberly and her husband Milton at a certain point in their lives were called by God to do something more. And that journey took them through much more difficulty than they could ever have imagined. They moved most of their family out of the country to different foreign places, starting with Spain. There they encountered one of the worst things they’d ever experienced: a child was being abused by the director of the orphanage. They began working hard to prevent things like that from happening. While that man escaped out of the country, this is the event that set off their continual fight for the sake of the orphans. They learned all they could about human trafficking. They wanted to make a difference, but they didn’t know how much it would change both of them. Milton couldn’t continue to travel places and had to go back to the U.S. because of his diabetes.
Through all of that there was yet more to be done. Kimberly answered the call with much hesitation. She traveled to Sudan where she witnessed so many horrible things were happening and had some earth-shattering experiences.. Most of it was so horrifying that you couldn’t believe it had actually happened. In the midst of all of this, Kimberly slides into heartache and depression and feelings of her own unworthiness, only for others to help her out of the pit so that she could continue the good work.
That’s only the beginning of what you’ll find in this book. But personally I have never read anything about human trafficking. Most of what I read in this book made my mouth drop open. It’s so heart wrenching and almost leaves a person speechless and just wanting to cry thinking of all the orphans and the pain they constantly go through. As well as the women and even preteens that are raped repeatedly. It’s just so baffling to hear about.
Reading this book will really open your eyes to what actually goes on in other countries. This is a book about real issues and real events. God is definitely evident in some of the stories in it. Please read this, it will for sure open your eyes onto what is happening out. It’s a great book, not a happy one clearly, but it is very well written and contains so much to learn from. This book is definitely recommended for everyone to read.

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