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Book Review – Snow Melts in Spring by Deborah Vogts

What do horses and football have in common? Well not much but those are two of the many things in this novel by Deborah Vogts.
In the first book of the seasons of Tall grass series it follows Gil and Mattie. Gil is a professional football player. Mattie is a veterinarian in Gil’s hometown. One night something horrible happened. Gil’s horse had gotten hit by a car and needed some serious TLC he was very close to not making it at all. But there came Mattie, helped the horse.
Out of nowhere Gil comes back after a phone call from his father telling him about his horse. So much more was going on down there, not just with the horse. There were so many issues between all of these people that you will meet once you read this. Many secrets, lies but there is also love.
Its a pretty dramatic tale but that’s what makes it so good. Where will Mattie and Gil end up? Only you will find out once you read it. And it will be a great time for reals!

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