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Book Review – The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

Who wouldn’t love a story about tea? It sounds weird but this is totally a book to curl up with while drinking tea on a cold day. It is titled the perfect blend and is written by Trish Perry under harvest house publishers. Gotta love a publishing company located in the pacific northwest for sure! Moving along being unfamiliar with an author sometimes is a huge hit or miss. This one, however wasn’t in that ballpark at all. It was such a pleasurable read. Let me give you a bit of background with this story.

We start off with Steph, she had come to Middleburg to elope with an attorney there named Rick. But what she didn’t really plan for was the fact that he left without a word and stood her up at the alter. She was devastated, without knowing what to do. Here comes in Milly she owns a tea shop across the street from the attorney office. Milly invites steph into her tea shop. But very quickly she is invited into Millys life and her business. Steph starts working there the next day and in the process it will change herself and her whole perspective on things. So while at the shop Steph meets some local people who also quickly become some of her best friends. Two sisters Christy and Liz. They invite Steph to live with them and she accepted soon everything else falls into place. Then there is Kendall, he owns the hotel/restaurant they become super fast friends, he also tries to help her find a job. They have a bit of drama but I can’t tell you what that’s all about. Then that would give away the whole story! And that would be unfair. But its really a great book. Luckily its a series and the next one comes out soon! So please check out the perfect blend by trish perry. You can pick it up at a local book store or library!

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