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Book Review – The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman

The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman is a novel about the treasures of life.
Saphora Worren is an upscale southern womane. She lives in an amazing home, has three adult children and a husband that is a plastic surgeon. The only problem is life isn’t what it seemed for her. It seemed to everyone that she has the most amazing life. But, under the surface of that is a feeling of emptiness. She needed to flee away from all of this. She packed her bags and was going to go away, only that was haulted by her husband, Benders unexpected arrival at home.
He came home for a reason, to tell her some very bone chilling news. He was dying.. that would change their lives forever, especially in the moment of right now.
Of course like every wife does, she will take care of her husband, no matter what else has happened before. They leave to their vacation home near the beach. She was going to go there in the first place when she was deciding to get away. Though this is a whole different story now. The whole family is brought to gether at this house, they all take care of each other, and meet a little boy named Tobias the impression he left on them would change all of their lives eventually for the better.
Saphora learns a lot about herself during this journey, of life and of death and she won’t be the same ever again.
While reading this I wasn’t sure about it at all. I went from liking it to not wanting to read it at all. Yet I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Its just one of those novels that you just go back to over and over beause you NEED to find out what happens. All in all I think that it is a good book. Though i’m not sure I would have picked it up again, or chosen it at the drop of a hat. I guess i’m more indifferent about it, though I was just super curious about what was going to happen next.

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