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Book Review – Words by Ginny Yttrup

Have you ever been at a loss for words? Or felt like you just couldn’t say something? It would be horrible not to be able to express how you feel. But that is what ten year old Kaylee Wren deals with. She hasn’t been able to talk because of events that have traumatized her beyond belief. Her mother left her in search of drugs most likely. But what was worse was the man she left her daughter with. This man that was put in control of Kaylee was not someone you should entrust your children with and abusive in more ways than one.

 He scares Kaylee, but she just reads words from the dictionary her mother left behind (while he isn’t looking) and keeps them all in her head. And when he is gone, she goes off into the woods to her secret place, a lovely redwood tree that she calls her own

Then there is Sierra, an artist in her thirties. She seems okay but deep down she’s not. She lives with shame from when she was young such as the drugs which led to the destruction of her life. She also lost a daughter at birth because of them. Now on the anniversary of her daughter Annie’s death she loses control of her emotions. But God begins to take control of Sierra’s path as she learns to trust.

Now here is where it gets interesting! Kaylee is at her safe place in the forest. Sierra shows up, clearly upset about everything. Little did either of them know what a bond they would come to have and what else would transpire through it. It’s honestly an amazing novel. One that you just can’t put down.

This is a great debut for Ginny Yttrup. Her style of writing is super appealing. It’s not an artificially sweet story, it’s REAL. It conveys every little emotion in the words and happenings as it switches back and forth between Kaylee and Sierra’s stories. I really loved this novel. It was amazing to read and experience their lives. I hope you’ll take a chance to read it.

Thank you to B&H publishing for sending me a copy for review!

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