new look!

well i changed up my blog look. it seems more cheery now i like it. i didn’t make it though. found the template on a site. pretty good stuff.

speaking of change, I’ve dubbed this as the year of change. lately that change has been blogging a lot more recently. its kinda crazy but i do miss it. so there i press forward with my blogging habits.

change is hard though,  i am usually not fond of it. it takes me a long time to process things a lot of times. and even just the will to change in some part of your life is hard. its a rough road. and I’m definitely experiencing that on all sides.

with my relationship with the boy. trusting things will change and be okay is hard. i guess sometimes i tend to be super pessimistic. so getting out of that way of thinking is really hard for me.

also there is change in the children’s ministry where i volunteer. also very hard. we are now doing a lesson with 2 year olds. that’s hard in itself. but some kids are more difficult than others. its just really stressful.

i guess sometimes just embracing change is stressful in general. that’s all i got for now.

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