what a week

oh boy so last week nothing ever went right. it was not a happy week. i just can’t even say everything that happened. but the worst thing happened on thursday. i went to pick up the boy, it was dark and i didn’t know where i was going. i went to go into this parking lot. and i ran into a cement little wall thing i couldn’t see. then my car was making a noise…. i was upset, we were trying to get to community group for the first time in months.

in the end it will cost 600 dollars to fix it. i bent the whole front frame of my car. my poor dear talula. and broke the radiator. so thats fun. but maybe my headlights will get adjusted when its there.

leaving tonight to go to PA. kinda terrified. i just don’t want to go period. apparently i have to be in the family picture. oi. i dunno i’m not totally happy about going at all but i guess it is what it is. i still need to do more packing. criminy. getting ready for the airport is exhausting. anyways. thats about it. i’ll update later!

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