Whew! i’m still alive don’t worry!

The boy, me and Jason

I almost don’t know what to say about anything at all right now. Yeah I went on the trip. I guess I’ll say what happened on the trip. Though its somewhat hard to wrap my mind around still.

The airplane turned out to be okay. I had to be x-rayed though in that one machine. I didn’t feel like having people all up in my lady parts though so that was that. And I’m such a threatening looking individual you know! But I digress. I didn’t get any sleep on either of the flights. Which sucks cause we were flying at 11:35 pm Tuesday and got there at 10 am on Wednesday! And we lost basically 4 hours since we weren’t used to daylight savings time. It was a pretty sucky deal.

Jason and I

So we got there, his mom, brother and grandpa picked us up and we drove an hour to his grandparents place. Their house was kinda yucky. Sorta looked like it should have been torn down honestly. But i guess it was okay. I mean they weren’t super horrible. The boys brother is amazing love that kid!

We stayed there for a bit and then went to the house where we were staying, kyles house he is the cousin of the boy. And he wasn’t like I thought at all. But his wife was actually pretty nice and amazing which I didn’t think either. And their kid who they nick named “the chunk” was SOOOO cute I loved him. Steph had another kid named Landon too. So we stayed there got all settled and showered and ready for dinner/picture time.

I got out of the picture! so I was happy. But I was also tired and hopped up on sugar and caffeine so it was really annoying. But nothing was too horrible. We had a lot of fun with the cousins and the boys brother.

the boy and i

We went out to a mall the next day and that was super boring and tiring. Then after that we went out to dinner with the boys parents…… yeah that didn’t go so well. Basically religion is stupid and well I got told because I don’t speak in tongues that we would be unequally yoked IF (his dad put a huge emphasis on the if) we get married. and I’m sure he doesn’t think I’m great in the keeping track of money arena because I don’t write things done. but i keep track of my money, heck i barely spend any money! but whatever. so that was a huge mess i think. It does make me laugh though. Cause they barely have money for things because they live beyond their means. I dunno still not too pleased about it all. cause its not totally true.

the cousins and i

Then we goofed off when we got back to the house and did a lot of pictures and stuff. It was fun I was really sad that Jason had to leave. We only saw him for two days. But it was memorable.
The next day we went out to lunch and then to the park and then I kinda got grilled again. it was kinda crazy. But what can you do I guess? That’s what happens when you are with religious people. You can’t say “geez” or “gosh” and I’m pretty sure I said all that but I am almost positive they heard me say crap. And I just try to stop it but its just something that we say so often here its hard to stop.

all of us cousins (well i’m not one)

Its such a weird environment to be in. You come from the city and then go out into the boonies! For one its super quiet there and that makes it super difficult for me to sleep. But its just so weird and different. A lot of people know each other and that’s SO weird for me honestly. Other than that the rest of the days we hung out. Went on a walk for a bit. Um we went to dinner at aunt Rachels and just chilled I guess. That was on our last night there. We left on Sunday afternoon, went to church before that and boy that was weird. It was super small but everyone called out things to say like they were just shooting the breeze with each other. SO weird. But also like this one guy kept saying “praise the lord” every few words and it kinda bugged me. It was almost defeating the purpose of saying it at all.

It really made me realize how great I have it and have had it all my life. I didn’t have any stipulations on what I could say like gosh or geez. And other things. I’m SO grateful for how I was brought up you have no idea. We all would just sit there and talk about religion cause all of them lived it and it would have ruined them if they let it.

the grandparents

I really liked his cousins and most of his family but when they were being religious not so much. I liked them really but I was SO beyond ready to go home, where there were fruits and veggies and not junk food. Which really does mess up your bowels by the way. So nasty. And just the noises and the prettiness of Seattle. Gosh I missed it so bad. And having some place super close to go, like the store or anything really.

I dunno next time if we go there we are renting a car and staying at a hotel. And picking our food and all sorts of other variables of a trip. Oi so crazy.

the aunts and uncle  and us

The kids were funny though Landon would say some weird stuff. He tried to get me to give him a lollipop and I wouldn’t and he was like but I love you. And I was just like thanks but you don’t’ get it. He was such a whiner though. And then the boys dad. Well this is a whole nother issue. Haha I gave him a side hug cause I twas weird for me to hug him at all. And he was like “see this girl knows how to hug. A lot of women will just put their breasts on you and I don’t like that.” I was just like uhhhh that just happened? It was SO weird.

There was some drama about the boy and I staying at the same house. But we bypassed that by just doing it anyway and putting all our stuff in the same suitcase. It just is what it is. Its not a bad thing. My mom was like “who are these people” trying to tell us that it was weird but it all worked out in the end.

All the sisters, the boys mom in pink shirt

Most of the trip was good but I was happy to be home. And im still kinda all whacked out from it.
The boys parents are so crazy sometimes. They are now asking if I fulfilled his need of loneliness so is that a mistake for thinking that we are meant to be together. Why would you say that?! Its so annoying. They need to know things before they can support it! But I dunno its not their decision its not matter of that. I dunno its a battle we have to face and I don’t like it. But It is what it is I suppose. We shall see how it plays out haha.

The chunk!

I am kinda glad I went though I met them and most of them loved me. Oh here is another funny tidbit.

So kyle throws chunk up in the air and catches him. Well his grandparents freaked out about it. And his grandma started praying like crazily. And on Sunday the boys grandpa (his brother calls him g-pap) came over and asked what the boy thought about kyle throwing the baby. And he was like “kyle isn’t superman you know” and asked if the boy would do that and he kinda laughed and his grandpa was like this isn’t funny! And then his grandma came over and was all “you gotta pray for that baby!” and it was just so amusing to me. You’d have to hear the voice to understand how she said it. But its not a big deal. Oh and cause kyle throws chunk on the couch. What toddler doesn’t love that? He giggles so crazily when it happens. so stinkin cute! how could you resist that adorable face! 

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