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Book Review – Meet Mrs. Smith by Anna Smith

Does anyone ever wonder what the wife of a famous lead singer does? This book gives you a huge glimpse into what Anna Smith, the wife of Martin Smith, frontman for Delirious? does. And boy is she an amusing and amazing person. Basically this is a book that chronicles what has gone on in their lives from the time they were just starting to date to when they married and grew their family.
It is a really enjoyable read. Through the happiness and the heartache you truly learn what goes on with the wife of a band member – all the stress, the worry, and the cross country trips. It is really amazing what wives and the kids deal with when their husband/father is gone on tour.
They also open their home to tons of people at any given moment, which goes from being a hangout to a shelter for someone who was needing some support, all throughout their marriage, having 6 kids and then the general every day life things. And as if that weren’t enough, they started a charity organization called CompassionArt along with other songwriters participating in the project. But with such a busy life, they still always had their eyes on each other and looked at what was best for their family.
Reading this was super enjoyable for me. This made a great transition back to non-fiction on a rainy Seattle day. Speaking of which, it was especially nice to read that while visiting the U.S. one of Anna Smith’s favorite tour cities was Seattle. Does a native proud!
This book was hard to put down and reading it in two days made it really rewarding.

thanks to B&B for providing this book for me to review. that had no affect on my thoughts.

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