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Book Review – My Lady by Joyce Wheeler

In the wide open air we meet Jolene O’Neil. When she is first introduced she had been through the horrible season of life where her parents had passed in an accident. She has some awesome family but her grandmother kind of always rubs her the wrong way. She lives with a family and goes to school. Until she graduates high school.
In the next phase of her life she meets John Harris he is in the air force she is going to marry him and she does. Though not without some doubts from some people around her. One in particular Dexter DeLange. He is the uncle of the girl she lives or lived with. He had also had a sort of relationship with Jolenes mother at one point. Yes he is 30 years older than Jolene. Crazy right?
Now Dexter was a hard man to read. He lived in Denver and he owned and operated a hair salon among other things he did. He always wanted Jolene to model. He seemed to be obsessed with her.
This tale has so many twists and turns and you won’t even guess what happens next. I sure didn’t it was so baffling at times. It sure has many twists that one wouldn’t expect. There were some minor typos that were found but other than that it was a great read.

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