note to self

do not, not take your pills. you will feel like crap! and super exhausted all over again.

nothing very exciting is going on, getting some good quality time with the boy in. i am reading amazing books. i’m SO excited about the upcoming reviews, but i do have new reviews on my examiner column. check it out on the side bar or right here

i am still going through the blog party list! so i’m finding and bookmarking blogs, will comment on them later. so hopefully i have new friends from this!

and then i would like some comments! its so distressing to have no one comment at all.

i am hoping that  a new nanny gig will present itself and then things will be good. aslo praying for the boy to get a job soon. the unemployment ran out. so we’re just hoping and praying he gets a job.

i am hoping that the post man brings me my books and also the ups man too! i’ve been waiting and waiting! soon the fed ex man will bring me some too! i have a huge list of ones i’m waiting for. it should be exciting.

on thursday or friday i’m heading out to take pictures with my dslr i hope i get some great ones cause then i will share. i am excited for spring and summer (if it isn’t too hot) because i get to use my camera and take great pictures! i am still learning it cause by the time i got it, it was fall and then it was crazy gross outside so i couldn’t go take pictures. hopefully i’ll get the hang of it.

i suppose that is all i have to say for now! talk to you laters!

34 thoughts on “note to self

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