so exhausted

I haven’t had much energy to write in here lately. I am spent. I still am sick now I have that icky smokers cough. Ugh this isn’t fun. Plus everything is just super crazy and stressful around here.
Hoping the boy gets a job soon. Cause money is running out and thats seriously freaking me out.
I need to read a lot more books soon. Right now I have to go cook soup. I am just really exhausted from being sick. But at least i’m reading great books. I just finished a heart divided by kathleen morgan and now i’m started on leaving by Karen Kingsbury. Reviews to come later on those! But remember my examiner page over there on the side. Check that out and subscribe to my reviews!
I dunno what else to say really. I mean to type up some long thing but I am just so exhausted I don’t know whats what anymore. So pathetic. Maybe later when I can think clearly I will talk some more about things.

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