The other night I was thinking about engagements…

Why people get pictures and spend so much money on all of that stuff. Why would someone do that?
I dunno I guess the thought of engagement pictures is nice and all. But at the same point I don’t see the point.
Just like I think it is almost better to just elope than have a huge hoopla. I’m not a fan of hoopla. To me I would think that just a plain dress you get at pennys would be fine instead of a super expensive wedding dress.
I don’t think doing the whole church wedding is for me either, I would like doing it a park, a small wedding and then maybe a potluck BBQ after. I’m just so weird. I guess its cause I’m not mushy and I’m a super cheap person.
I’m probably not the most traditional person, but I guess that isn’t what matters. What matters is how the boy and I want to do things eventually.
Last night we were watching parenthood on demand. And the girls on the show were all hyped about going to prom. I was home schooled I never had a prom. I did have opportunities to go to dances. But I didn’t want all the hype. All the stupid frilly dresses I didn’t have money for. It just didn’t matter to me. My mom never was into it either. And the boy he wasn’t into it either. It just all seems so pointless.
I guess its all like traditions. But I like to make my own traditions. Its not about just going with what everyone else has done. Its about doing things how you want, the way you see it. Its better I think that way. More individualized I feel is much better.

9 thoughts on “The other night I was thinking about engagements…

  1. I was never one of those girls who dreamed about their wedding day, but my big girls are. It cracks me up…being the one that has to pay for it. They are in for a rude awakening!

  2. I've never understood the need to spend a bazillion dollars on ONE dress you'll wear ONE time. I'd much rather spend my money on something that'll last me. But to each their own. That's what makes life interesting huh?

  3. So y'all are engaged? Nice!

    I didn't want the big fancy thing for my wedding, either. I got a cheap retail store dress, my bridesmaids and groomsmen wore bright coloured polo shirts, and it was as simple as my family would let me get away with. It was in a church, but I WANTED to elope (especially since I abhorred the wedding planning stress)… I just didn't want to offend anyone.

  4. nah we aren't engaged yet! its gonna happen eventually. which is pretty obvious.

    we will have to pay for the wedding we do have so i am huge into penny pinching!

  5. The good thing about weddings is that you end up getting people giving you gifts of money which is helpful for the honeymoon being paid for and anything else to prepare for your first year of marriage. I had a small wedding of only 100 people who attended. However we were left with only $300 after the honeymoon which was horrible since we had nowhere else to go and it was the closest place we could think of. I really wish we did things differently. I would have liked to elope, honestly. However I liked the fact that people I cared for were present, although not all of the people. I wish I had engagement pictures but alas, things are much nicer with the technology today since 7 years ago when I was nearly married. I wore my dress for prom and altered it for the wedding. I plan on bringing it back out one day for a shoot. I do still fit in it. I feel badly for my poor brother who is marrying next month because he's as poor as I was when I married, going to get it at the same place and all, and I just hope that things work out for him in that way.

  6. We didn't have engagement pictures, but I would have loved it. If you know someone and can get them for cheap or a trade, it's worth it! I LOVE pictures, so naturally I would LOVE engagement photos! Don't you dare not tell me when you get married! I will scrimp and save and find a way to get up there!!!

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