what a stupid week.

Whew what a week. This week has been hectic and stupid all at the same time. There has been crap that has been going on. But yeah I’ll get to that in a second.
Since the last time I have gotten stuff from the postman! So that’s exciting. I am excited for what he will bring this week. That’s just such an exciting thing. Weird I know.
So I came down with a kinda bad cold the other day, so that REALLY sucked. I now have gotten through the night totally for once in the last few days. So that made me pretty happy. But I’m super exhausted anyways after getting up at the buttcrack of dawn for childrens ministry.
Friday my mom had a scare, she passed out while at the doctor after a blood draw and had to be transported to the hospital. And was there for a lot of testing since she was throwing up and had a hard time getting stable. It was so crazy. But shes just really tired so I think that’s what it was, just really tired and them taking too much blood at once. It was really stressful though. I had to go find out how to get her car. Luckily the boys roommate Alex is amazing and he took me down to get moms car. And he wouldn’t let me pay him for gas either. Hes an amazing guy.
After that though I felt increasingly more horrible like my eyes were bulging and I felt like I had a fever. I just went to get stuff at the store like meds and drinks. But I haven’t had much of an appetite the last few days. Kinda weird but food just isn’t appealing at all.
Things with the boy aren’t as good as they could be. I mean we are fine but just have normal things to work through I guess. More communication which is always good but this week has just been pretty rough.
Last week we went out to take pictures and that went good I got some really good ones. And then we went out to dinner at our friend janni and pauls house. We were there LATE. And before that after we took pictures we mowed the lawn it was so long. But we all did it as a surprise for my parents when they got home and boy were they surprised it was a huge success that’s for sure. But that whole thing was exhausting. And hard on the allergies.
Other than that I don’t think anything else is going on. I do miss some people but I am excited about all my new followers on my blog and hope I’ll get to have some good blog friends now.
Easter is next week should be interesting. I am unsure of how that will go. Especially with my family being the way it is. My granny isn’t really making any effort to spend time with us at all. We are gonna go see the tulip festival and she won’t come cause she is taking care of too many dogs. Its always her excuse. She will always take care of dogs and not spend time with her family. Its really sad and infuriating. But its always the way it has been and probably always will be. What can you do right?
pictures to come later!

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  1. I'm sorry your Granny is refusing to be with the family. That sort of thing is so hard to deal with. What is it about old age that makes people so antisocial?

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