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Book Review – A Heart Divided by Kathleen Morgan

A Heart Divided by Kathleen Morgan starts out in the late 1800’s, with an old feud between the Caldwell and Wainwright families. The conflict started long before the children of these two patriarchs were ever born and never seems to end.
Unfortunately the kids got caught up in the thick of it. Sarah has some serious problems with getting involved at all but gets pressured into it. Her father and brothers have her distract what they thought was a ranch hand so they could go break in and rob the Wainwrights. But there was only one hitch. That ranch hand was actually a Wainwright boy. After that debacle she does her best to lay low, but running an errand in town gets her caught. The rest you won’t believe. Does the feud live on? Or what will happen after Sarah gets captured by a Wainwright? Will something else bloom in the meantime? Only you will see when you read this novel!
Now I was pretty on the fence about this book. When I received it I was pretty positive I would only last a few chapters. Not knowing anything about Kathleen Morgan’s novels or writing style in general didn’t help. But I was really pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed the book. Her story keeps your interest and catches you off guard with so many twists and turns in this novel. One thing I didn’t like though was the chapters were far too long for my tastes. And since this is a series there is the whole waiting game with the next book coming out. All in all it was a great read for sure. I definitely recommend it.
Available May 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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