Since that last entry. I have gotten rid of my cough thank goodness that was driving me crazy. But this last week has been so crappy, crap happened and my net book is dead. I am hoping it can be revived. Yesterday I was so weepy that I was trying to eat some pizza and then I dropped it on the floor which made me laugh/cry then I almost peed my pants haha. I am a huge mess.
My newest obsession/craving is roasted garlic hummus, the kind that is made by sabra. Oh man I’m so obsessed with it. I couldn’t find any and it was making me mad so I went out to another store about 15 mins away and found some! It was enough to make me happy. Cause Saturday the boy and I were fighting and I was gonna get ice cream at cold stone. And I did but it was WAY too sweet so it wasn’t totally the best thing for my craving. I should have just gone to DQ which I will next time.
I dunno things lately have kinda been crappy. But not crappy at the same time. I do wish that the post office would get their crap together cause I’m so sick of having lost books. And having to have them sent out 2 or 3 times before I get them. Its such a horrible inconvenience. Not to mention the fact that I’m so horribly be hind in reviewing books. Oi I have such huge huge piles they are taking over my room! But what can ya do. I kinda got wrapped up in a granny square blanket project I started whipping up which I’m really excited about but reading kinda got put on the back burner. I need to have a balanced time for both hobbies haha I guess I will eventually.
I started working out with a kettle bell my legs hurted so bad the last few days. But it has to be done, I have to start losing this weight. Hopefully everything will work and start coming off eventually.
I think that’s all that’s happening with me now.
Until next time.