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Book Review – The Fine Art of Insecurity by Angela Hunt

The Fine Art of Insecurity is the newest novel out by Angela Hunt. It is published by Howard books.
This is a story of three southern sisters. One of the major threads of this story is that among all three sisters there have been a total of nine marriages. And when their grandmother’s house finally sells after being on the market for awhile, they need to finally go clear it out, something which they had never gotten around to ever since she had passed. So they pick the following weekend since it’s a holiday. It seems perfect – but nothing was going perfectly for any of these sisters. Each of them have their own issues, whether marital or just plain depression. The narrative dives deep and stays there. Their efforts at claiming things for money and not the memory of their grandmother all gets washed away in the midst of their profound bond. But you’ll see what happens when you read it for yourself.
This book was an incredibly fast read, but gripping. Hunt has a way of telling a story in such a way that you are on a cliffhanger at every moment. She really has a talent at spinning stories – which makes it all the more disappointing when the book ends and leaves you longing for more. I enjoyed this very deeply. It was heartbreaking in good and bad ways. She definitely uses the best approach to telling a story in such a living, breathing way. With that said please check this book out – you will be happy you did!
Thank you to Howard and Glassroad for the copy of this novel for review.

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