good ole wiffle balls..

I feel pretty numb and depressed.
I feel like I can do nothing right
I get asked to do something and wait a few days to do it and when I finally do it, that’s wrong too. I got asked to fertilize the garden and water it. So I go and do it, let it known I am doing it and then after I’ve already done it, I get yelled at. I really feel like I need to get out of here and fast. Most of what happens is me getting yelled at. Yeah I get that my dad is having issues and is stressed but a lot of what he is stressed about isn’t a factor and he is pretty much grumpy 24/7 and takes it out on all of us. He gives me these looks like I’m good for nothing, it could be the hormones but he can be downright horribly mean. And I just feel like I need to get out of here fast. I need to get money and figure out a plan and just get away.
Yesterday and today suck. Seems like I keep getting snapped at for everything. And I got hit in the face with a wiffle ball. And it hurt so bad it left an imprint for at least an hour. Good times.
I just feel like I’m good for nothing. I have been doing stuff around the house. I do a lot for everyone here but somehow its ALL wrong. I dunno I just really need to work to lose weight and get out of this house. I need to get out and get on with life with the boy.
Blah I’d say that things will be better tomorrow. But that is highly unlikely

622 thoughts on “good ole wiffle balls..

  1. I understand your frustration. When I lived with my parents my dad wasn't the issue, but my mom and I just did not get along. My mom and I are just too different. Now that we don't live together we get along so, so much better. I'll be praying things get better for you!

  2. Hang in there; you can have the worst day ever and then something magical happens and the next day turns out to be the best day ever. I have never met you but I can tell from your writing that you are amazing. The best is yet to be!

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