oh the good old smokers cough.

Well in the last couple of weeks I have helped a friend move. And have been sick for over a week. Have this horrible hacking cough. The worst day was on Sunday when I hurt everywhere and coughing was a horrible pain everywhere in my body. It is for sure not fun. It has pretty much wiped me out.
Tuesday was super exhausting. Well the boy and I have been kinda on edge with each other, its mostly because we don’t have a lot of time with each other and this season of life just plain sucks. Anyway back to Tuesday. I normally watch kids for the womens bible study. And I usually watch 6-9 kids. Most of them are 2-3 a few older ones. Like 4-5 but yeah anyway so that couple of hours totally wiped me out. Then later the boy and I were gonna go watch 4 kids from church. Wow that was even more exhausting haha. Putting them to bed was a challenge. It was good I had the boy there but it was bad cause he has never watched kids in that setting before. So we were kinda chaotic. Plus the fact that the family is fixing up their house to sell and all the kids were in the same bedroom. So that made it so they screamed at each other. Then one of the kids asked me for a clock so they could tell when it was morning time. Haha I was like uhhh wow. So they pretty much tried everything to not sleep. I wanted them to sleep because I wanted to eat. And I knew when we ate something that the kids would want it too. And I was not dealing with that! Eventually they fell asleep and the parents came home, then we ended up talking with them for awhile.
Other than that um the boy and I had a good talk the other day. We are better mostly. But still its just hard not having much time. We’ll get through it. I need to read a whole lot of books. I’m super behind in reviews. But at the same time i’m so grateful that people do send me books for free. Its so cool. I am still in awe about it sometimes. Then I look at my huge pile of books and I kinda freak out haha. Well what can you do.
I think this is super awkward. A lot of my “friends” are mothers with multiple kids. It makes it super awkward its like its hard for me to get in the circle cause all the others moms are always first since they have kids and playdates and all. Its just really weird. But then again I just try to spend a lot of the time with the boy anyways. But still its just such a weird situation. Well i’m off to read and get something eat. Hopefully not cough my head off. That would be nice for once.

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  1. Ugh, I totally know what your saying in regards to that type of sickness. I hate coughing for prolonged periods because it hurts so much! Watching kids in the age group is exhausting to begin with, and doing it while sick/exhausted makes it even worse!! I have 9 nieces and nephews so I gotcha on the food front, or anything really! You have it, they want it! Not having enough time is really hard on my husband and I as well. He's gone about 12 hours a day, and pretty tired when he is around, so it makes things difficult at times. But, it really is just a season, and it does get better! All my siblings and the majority of my friends have children! I kinda feel like the odd one out, and it is hard to be friends with someone with kids if you don't have kids. Sorry this is so long!!

    Monica @

  2. aw. If it helps one of my closest friends is 25 and single without a boyfriend at all and she hangs out with me. . .and I feel badly at times because she wants to marry so much and have kids. . .but she needs to find a man of God first.

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