shoot my eye out?

Aye yi yi.
Yesterday wasn’t a good day at all. The boy came over and we were doing yard work. Well he was weed whacking and I wasn’t super close to him but something I think a rock or something flew up and hit me in the eye it hurt so bad that I screamed/cussed. And tears instantly flowed it wasn’t very cool. And the boy was REALLY freaked out and felt so bad. But before that I had gotten hit in the head with a stick also from the weed whacker. 
Then I was using this weed puller thing. Well when you have it locked on the weed you push down the black top and well I had to do that really hard to get it out. And then SMACK right on my knuckle. Not once but twice on the same knuckle. It is now bruised.
Then the boy had weed wacked by the garden but the pieces got all in the garden so then my dad had a cow, also about me planting things without putting weed fabric in. I just can’t win. But hes in a general bad mood lately cause of things.
Then after we were all done, we didn’t even plant all the garden. And my knee hurt so bad nothing helped it. All night it was screaming in pain. Not so fun.
And now I have so many things to do but I can’t do any of them cause i’m so tired. I started my period ugh lame. So I might as well go try to do some other stuff on my list. We’ll see how far I get.

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