Sorry about that last post guys. I am on my period hello emotionalness. But even though those things were mostly true. And I do get frustrated with those things continuously. I still love the boy very much and even if the times lately are rare when we get along and have just the right amount of loveyness. I am grateful for what I do get.
Yesterday we had a good time with each other, we went to a few parades, and out to dinner, It was really nice. Then we topped the night off with a little dose of lego Indiana Jones! Haha we are such dorks. But we love those lego games. Hoping to play it again later. We watched tangled on Friday that was a great movie.
I was thinking about friends in church today. And that has been a reoccurring theme in my head lately. Never been the most of popular people. And I don’t seem to relate very well with a lot of people. It always seems like I always had just a few friends at a time, and only a couple close ones. And now I don’t really know that number. I find it hard to be in groups of people and I’m never really in anyone’s circle because I’m not a super social person. So I guess that makes it hard. But I’m not completely miserable. I do have the boy and if I didn’t have him, I would be lost. He is my absolute best friend. My other “best friends” seem to have forgotten about me anyways. I’m not sure how that happens but if you’d like to throw 13 years of friendship down the toilet? Well I guess I can’t stop you but I can’t always be the only one to try. It gets exhausting trying and trying with no one wanting to try back. I put a lot into friendships sometimes only for them to just throw me out in the trash and it just gets so irksome and tiring. But I’ve learned not to do that as much which is good. But at the same time. The ones that you thought you’d never lose since you have been friends for so long. Well I guess they are gone and I’m not sure how to make them talk to me. Heck I got robbed with these people for cripes sake! You’d think that someone wouldn’t just ignore you when you have that kind of bond. But it is what it is.
Other than that I’m not sure what to say. Got a few reviews coming up. But other than that I’m not sure. I have a lot of pictures to go through hopefully it won’t take so long. I will post links later since I am not putting them up on facebook anymore. I guess that’s about all for now.

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  1. We all get busier as we get older, and then friendships drift apart. A lot of times it's not even that people aren't still friends, it's just hard to make time.

    I'm feeling crappy right now because I have a lot of friends and family in Texas that I'm not going to get to see before I leave on Thursday. We have things to finish packing, and it's in the one-teens outside, so it's much to hot for anyone to go anywhere. I'm sure you remember how my parents live out in the middle of nowhere–it makes things difficult.

    I'm a bit scared of moving to a place I've never even been. We won't have family to lean on for the first time in our lives, and we are going to be dirt poor. It's going to be a frighteningly grand adventure.

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