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Book Review – Mirror Ball by Matt Redman

Book Description:
Internationally known worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman invites readers to a deeper understanding of what it means to reflect God’s dazzling radiance.

In Mirror Ball, Redman eloquently illustrates why passion is more than a song or a feeling. It’s a story of guts and glory, pain, and purpose. For anyone ready to follow Jesus, passion is a way of life.

Through story, Scripture, and practical inspiration, Redman encourages readers to remember that, however inadequate they may feel to live out this passion, God will work in and through them, just as light radiates through the smallest prism. After all, the same God who said “let there be light” has made His light to shine in their hearts, illuminating their lives and the lives of those around them.
Mirror Ball by Matt Redman I did have high hopes for it. But I just couldn’t get into it. It was all over the place and I couldn’t focus real well on the book in general. Though I think the cover its such a great one. The book just didn’t do a whole lot for me. It was a little difficult to get through it and then there was a sizeable discussion guide. I couldn’t exactly discuss it since it was geared towards small groups. It was really disappointing that I couldn’t get very far in this book. I anticipated it. Well you can’t like every book I guess.
thanks to B&B for the copy of mirror ball for review!

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