Whew I don’t really know what to say.

Things are somewhat okay.

Found out that my netbook which I thought was gone forever is under warranty. I almost couldn’t believe it! So thats one good thing. It did this weird black screen with type thing and I don’t know what it said but then we tried to fix it and then it didn’t work. So it just didn’t turn on and it made me really sad. But hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Last night the boy and I went in search of fireworks we found some and we just sat with each other. It felt good to just be with him, especially since we’ve been pretty rawrish with each other lately. I hate when it happens but the good times outweigh the bad for sure.
Fun things are coming up around seattle so i’m excited about it. And i’m REALLY excited about the books that will be coming soon to me. So keep an eye out for those on my examiner column!
I need to get back on the losing weight train, my period kinda wiped me out but i’m done with that.
Still super far behind in reading but hopefully i’ll pick it up soon.
Other than that nothing much is going on. I need to work on my pictures, get them all up on flickr but for now I will just go paint my toenails!

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