The week before last was interesting. On saturday we went to see the pirates landing. We went early but next year we need to go earlier and save a spot. Cause we were down on the beach and then when it happened we were so squished. It was a little overwhelming considering last year I couldn’t see anything at all.

Then we went out to the street fair after eating at the mexican restaurant. And after we came home I figured out I was burnt. My head got super burnt and my face got a little burnt. But I did put sunscreen on so I don’t quite get that. Then I had a square shaped burn on my chest. I’m thinking that was from my camera.
Not much else is going on, I got a huge splinter up WAY far up my nail it was so horrible, I also cut myself with scissors while cutting the boys hair. And my hands got all cut up. It was not a great week for me accident wise.
Other than that i’m just waiting for my books to come in the mail which never gets old. I have a lot of exciting ones coming. Which will show up on my columns’ yay. Well now I have to go write and post some things. And work on pictures. While I wait for the boy. Though I am kinda blahish about things right now. His school starts up this week, and I dunno it feels like there won’t be so much time. And even so we don’t have a lot of time.
Oh and netflix bugs me with that price increase. That means that the streaming will go away and thats WAY annoying cause I liked that. But I guess we’ll just have to go with the dvd thing. Okay really going away now.

2 thoughts on “yarggghhh

  1. That looks so cool! I've never heard of pirates landing before. We don't have anything too exciting ever happening in Missouri! Definitely sounds like you've had a trying week. I HATE weeks like that. Everything just seems to fall apart!

    Thank you for the comment you left yesterday! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I love hearing about you and your boy. It really does remind me of my husband and I!

    Oh, and I feel you on the books! I love getting lost in pages of a good story.

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