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Tombstones and Banana Trees by Medad Birungi and Craig Borlase

“Growing up with a violent father in the country of Uganda in the 1960s, Medad Birungi faced physical and emotional pain that few people can imagine––yet today he speaks of a revolutionary forgiveness we all can experience.

Once a boy who begged to die by the side of the road, once a teenager angry enough to kill, once a man broken and searching, today Medad is a testimony to God’s transforming power. Through his story of healing, Medad calls readers to find healing from their own emotional scars. As Medad’s remarkable journey shows, when people forgive each other, they are doing something truly radical. They are changing relationships, communities, countries. They are welcoming God into the corners of the human soul, where real revolution begins.”

This memoir by Medad Birungi is so powerful. At times it left me speechless with all the things that happened in his life. It was truly heartbreaking. To think of all the experiences and things he had gone through, its truly baffling.

It was great to see how he rose about all of it. Now if you want to know what its about, Medad came from a not so great living situation, he lived in Uganda and he faced a lot of things that we couldn’t even dream about. Having to live in a polygamous family, to being abused and left by his father. He dealt with drugs and drunkenness. All while hiding his problems from his mother. There was one day when his life had changed. He heard a choir come and speak at the school and something in him changed. Throughout all the hard times. God was always there. This story is well there isn’t much to say cause there is so much to say that you don’t want to say anything at all. Its really eye opening and encouraging that he could come out of all of that with such a great attitude and love for God.

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