Well this last weekend was kind of a bummer.

Didn’t do a whole lot it was pretty packed with church and the boys homework. Bleck. Last week sometime I can’t remember what day it was. But I had had enough of my hair it was too long in places and I just couldn’t stand it so I went to get it cut at this new salon that was doing haircuts for 9.99. it sounded a bit scary but I heard good reviews so I went figured why not. The last haircut I got was kinda bad and it was 14.95. welll this haircut was SO much better. It made me happy that It was cheap and that it was great. It looks so much better. But she cut more than I anticipated off the length so that was kind of a bummer but its not bad.
This stupid crow is not shutting up so its distracting me. I’m already super distracted and slow going today. I really wish I could shoot that thing. Well not really but you get my frustration.
Also please check out my giveaway! I’d really like to actually have the giveaway and it not be a bust. Kinda depressing.
Lets see, well i’m starting to get caught up in my reading. So that’s great. But I want to read all these books all at once so its frustrating that I can’t. Haha.
My garden is finally doing well. I had to yank out the cauliflower though because it was so infested with aphids. It was pointless. But hopefully my cucumbers make it they keep getting this mildew fungus and I am trying to stay on top of it but its hard. But the rest is starting to go great. I have a plan already for next year so thats cool. Not much else is going on. I plan to read books all night. I will probably knock out one and get halfway through another. That is my goal.

2 thoughts on “Well this last weekend was kind of a bummer.

  1. I actually just read something today that recommended spraying plants with a dish soap and water solution to help keep aphids off. I guess you would do that daily after watering? I dunno.

  2. oh i used that for my mildew problem but it didn't work. the only thing i saw that would do the aphids was vegtable oil and water but you can't do that for plants in direct sunlight since it will burn the plants up. oh well.

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