Wow so the weekend was pretty great.

Seafair was pretty great. It didn’t start off very good. The boy was a bit cranky. We got through it though.

The hydro races and air show were great. I have so many pictures. On the downside I did miss some of the races I wanted to see. But its alright. We got some freebies which is always fun. And coupons! We decided to buy food there for lunch. And I got a foot long corn dog and I ate the whole thing. The boy and I had to have some talks and it was pretty good we just sat in my car for awhile after it was over and just talked it was different than before so it made me feel like we’re getting somewhere with our issues.
Other than that the weekend was low key, yesterday I watched the kids at bible group like normal. Then after I went to the grocery store to get veggies. I needed some for what I was gonna make. I was also very happy to find a little package of risotto I have never had it and wanted to try a recipe in a cookbook I have. So I was happy to find a little package. The other big things of it are 10 bucks. And that’s crazy. But yeah so I’m excited to make that. But that is for another night. Last night I made some really amazing minestrone soup. Cooking is so fun. I need to make a beef stew that will be really great and thick. I gotta look that up though. And the other night the boy and I made zucchini bread but we put applesauce in it instead of oil. And its really weird. Its a spongy texture now. Its also really dark, but we had new nutmeg. The bottle of the nutmeg we had before was older and wasn’t as potent as this one. So I don’t really know what went wrong. Its not bad its just not the same as the other batches. Ah well.
Other than that I have a giveaway post coming up! I’m gonna post it in a few days so that’s cool. I’m just waiting for all these books to come in the mail. And tonight I’m just gonna read. Hopefully I can get somewhere farther in the book so I can get closer to not being behind anymore. That’s all for now!

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