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CD Review “Young Love” by Mat Kearney

Now a new review! I have a copy of Mat Kearney’s new album “young love”
I’ve always loved his music so I was stoked to get a copy of this CD to review. His voice is so soothing. This new album is great its classic mat Kearney and there isn’t anything to hate about it at all. Though the picture on the cover makes him look like a mime. And I think mime’s are kind of creepy. So I’m not totally too fond of that.
But the music its great. Its only a 10 song CD, which is sorta disappointing. But they are great songs. I was unaware of him having new music out since I don’t listen to radio much. But the single that is out “hey mama” is pretty amazing super upbeat and great. I think that my favorite other song is “ships in the night” it just makes me feel like I’m sitting out on the front porch looking out at a beach. Even though I’m really not.
All in all its a great CD you should go pick it up!
He also is going on a 40 city tour! Though hes not coming around here you should check to see if he will be coming near you! Do check out his website to find out the cities!

Thank you to One2One Network for providing me with this review copy of the album!

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