free money!

So I like coupons, they are great cause its free money. Some are great for free meals. That’s why the month of October is so great! Its the boys birthday month and then we get free date night meals! I’m so stoked about it.
We are going to benihanas on Wednesday. Then we have one that will be for the keg and claim jumpers. There is free ice cream coupons and more meal coupons from other places, like red robin.
Along the same line is I LOVE their coupons. They have such good deals. And the best part is to wait til the certificates are like 2 and 3 bucks a piece. Its a steal! We have a few of those and I’m excited to go to dinners with those coupons too. Sometimes getting a good deal on a meal is a high.
Another good thing I think is entertainment books. They have real good deals in those too. You just have to wait until the books go on a good sale.
Now since I’m all about coupons and good deals. Free money is good too. So there is swagbucks, mypoints and now superpoints. They are sites that you accumulate points on and get free gift cards! The boy and I just made a purchase on amazon with the free points its so exciting.
If anyone wants an invite to superpoints leave an email or click on these links:
its such a great thing and fast to get that free money. Love it!

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