i’m just sad.

I’m sad, its just a fact its not the weather cause I love fall and sweaters and scarves and such. But this is because of a best friend. I have one best friend we will call him robot for the sake of this entry.
Well for the last few years communication has been scarce and its different because we used to talk pretty much every day and now there is nothing. Won’t call, text or message back and basically hes just being a really huge idiot towards me. I dunno why after almost 14 years of friendship this is happening. But then again there is a girl on his end. Yeah I have a boyfriend but I never cut anyone off.
It just really makes me sad that he can’t take the 30 seconds to write a text or at leas t let me know hes still alive or talk to me cause he claims we are best friends and we were. But I don’t know anymore. It really makes me sad.
Yes I have the boy but I don’t really have many or any people to talk to other than him, I love him dearly but sometimes it’d be nice to have my other friends to talk to when the boy isn’t around. I don’t even really know what to do about it i’m just super sad. I wish I could fix it and I wish sometimes I wouldn’t get screwed over with these 10+ year friendships. But I dunno what else to do I don’t know how to stop it when I can’t get communication back from the other person.
That is my depressing post for the day. I will be back maybe tomorrow with happy stuff.

8 thoughts on “i’m just sad.

  1. Wow, I've actually just been through something similar. I really don't have friends, I did have one guy that was my friend though. We've known each other nearly 10 years. We used to chat on messenger, e-mail, and text, but he's more into himself and his life now. It sucks, but at the same time, what can you do? I'll be praying things mend for you!

  2. aw. That is sad. I'm sorry that you're going through that. Rob and I are the only friendship I've had over a decade long where it's been consistent and non-stop. A lot of my friends have been on and off with me for years and mainly because they were finding themselves during that time and pushed me aside.

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