Sorry for the dead blog lately.

Life got really busy and I just didn’t feel like writing honestly. This have been insane also. So lets give a little update.
The Garden:
what a crappy year for a garden in Seattle. My garden did pretty crappy honestly. I only got about 4 or 5 zucchinis and cucumbers. The carrots still aren’t growing very rapidly. The green onions are not going very fast either. The tomatoes finally started going but now its colder and rainy so I may have to take them off the plants to ripen inside. My kale has done amazing though! And the leeks I have are still growing. I might need to thin those out though. But most everyone around here that did have a garden had a sucky year for it. Well we’ll try next year.
well I have now gotten caught up sort of in my reading. Now I gotta get on the ball on posting reviews. If its not one thing its another!
A rant about religion:
its something that always bothers me when someone is being super religious. When I woke up I was annoyed. And then I had a song lyric pop into my head.
“No one rocks the boat, It was never your point to get people saved, can’t tamper with the walls of their sterile Christian bubble. you pad yourself with fluff just because you’re afraid. I’m not afraid to point the finger now, the choir’s so used to the preaching anyhow. “
I had been reading a bit of Jon Acuff’s “Stuff Christians Like” and its hilarious. A lot of things he writes about is so classic of religious people. But at the same time it makes me sick. Its like some thing if you avoid the thing that gives you temptation that you can be rid of temptation completely. And that is not true, temptation will follow you no matter what. You just have to stare it right in the face. A lot of people go way overboard with the whole thing. Even just with facebook, its not even that bad yeah there is some stuff on there that could just be eliminated but you learn to deal with it. Just like you can’t eliminate non christians, you can’t eliminate whatever is on facebook. I get that modest clothing is something that a lot of people talk about. But also you can go too far with that also. When you are preaching about it constantly it might be too far. Those are my two cents for now.
Amanda Knox:
now this subject hits close to home, literally across the alley in the back of my house. She is my neighbor, her family lives behind me and I was so anxious about the verdict on Monday. And I totally burst into tears at the verdict, happy tears. It is SO amazing I’m so happy for them. But the neighborhood is now sort of a zoo. Yesterday it was difficult with news trucks everywhere and people gawking wanting to get on TV its pretty annoying. I am so glad she isn’t at her moms house, and in an undisclosed location. But still with all these paparazzi people around its just pretty annoying. We just want to make sure no one tampers with the house or comes in our alley. Also this morning I was opening my curtain and there was a camera guy on our street camera almost aimed at my window and I was still in my pj’s with bed head and was like “oh crap” so I guess now I have to shower before opening curtains. Haha pretty stupid but it is what it is. I just hope she stays safe and gets the rest she needs.
I think that’s about all for now.

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  1. Somewhat off-topic: I wrote an insight a couple of weeks ago in my CS Lewis class about temptations. I dove into my past and talked about how growing up, I felt like I was sinning any time I was tempted and talked about how guilty it used to make me feel. It was an interesting journey and I evaluated how I have changed, what changed me, and such. I'm loving that class.

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