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The Little Drummer Boy Review!

The Little Drummer Boy is the newest VeggieTales DVD installment. VeggieTales always puts out the funnest and most amazing Christmas DVDs. Of course, VeggieTales episodes are fun and amazing in general. But they just keep getting better and better each DVD they put out.

The theme song is always a favorite of mine and has been since I first watched VeggieTales. I was pretty disappointed, though, that in some of the recent DVDs they don’t play the whole theme song. But many shows have done that and it’s a little thing in comparison to all the awesome things that the shows are full of.
The Little Drummer Boy stars Junior Asparagus, who I really love by the way. He has always been one of my favorite characters. He’s just too cute for words. Most if not all people know about the little drummer boy. It’s just such a classic song, so putting it to video is pretty amazing. One of my favorite parts of this DVD is how in the story portion they have two French peas named “May” and “Wee” – that was so clever to me. Another great part is the animals in the story – sheep, donkey and camel – that ended up doing a little dance in the movie which was so cute to me.
Now Junior is really getting into drumming, so when Pa Grape tells him a Christmas story, he picks the perfectly fitting story of Aaron as a drummer. It’s such a great way to show kids the story of baby Jesus. It’s not totally all about the Christmas story, but it shows a different perspective of someone who didn’t know anything about Jesus being born and suddenly coming across him from somewhere else. It’s a great story for sure.
The silly song portion of the movie was fun to watch for sure. I knew about the 8 Polish Foods of Christmas song before. Seeing that come to video was super amusing.
They also have a CD titled “O Holy Night” which is pretty much a soundtrack for the movie. It has some great Christmas songs. I love the version of “The Little Drummer Boy” by BeBe & CeCe Winans especially. It sounds great. It also has several of the songs from the DVD on it. They make a great addition to my Christmas playlist.
Thank you to Big Idea for providing me a copy of the DVD and CD for review!

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