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Well hello there blog and my blog friends (are there any out there?)
I’ve been pretty MIA and I just was either too weary to write or I didn’t know what to write about. But here I am, I’m pretty excited cause I found out my blog was page ranked by Google and I’m now a 2! its better than a nothing. So that was an exciting thing and it inspired me to write about life.
Now its been months and months since I have written an actual post, and that is pretty sad. But the fact was, I was sad. Things were going crazy and nothing could control it honestly. Things are still somewhat crazy in fact. But here’s the short version, November, I got a nanny gig, first of December I lost that nanny gig. Which is super depressing, but I didn’t connect real well with the girl anyways. But still I was so excited and it just got ripped away.
December was a really rough month, I lost that job on the first of December. And then everything seemed to go downhill from there. We kept a list of things that kept going wrong around the house. The boy was forced to take a whole week off unpaid cause his workplace was taking a week break, but since he is employed through the employment agency he wasn’t able to get paid holiday time. So that was a huge huge bummer and money was tight. But everyone made it through. The only thing that happened that was much worse than the rest was Christmas eve with my family. Oh boy get ready for this.
So my cousin was going to the football game with her boyfriend of 12 years now. Then it was 11 years but I digress. So we were taking care of her two kids while they were at the game. And before her and her boyfriend were going to go shopping if he didn’t have to work, so it ended up he had to work. So she texted me asking if I would go to the family get together if she would and I said whatever fine. So my parents took the older one with them and the boy and I had the younger one since had to take a nap. And we chilled out while waiting for the game to end and her to come over. Then we went off to my aunts house. I don’t remember how long we were there exactly but it was really weird and awkward. One of my cousins was drunk and he was trying to get the youngest boy to come to him and he didn’t do it which sort of amused me. But it was really annoying to me that he was drunk in the first place. Anyways we were going to have the kids do their presents. But no one stayed in the room and they all went into the other room. Which was super annoying. Before that grandma handed out cards with money in them. The boy got one which was good. And then the problem. Grandma left out my cousins boyfriend again…. see they say they are not racist but its pretty clear they are. And she just gave one card with some money for my cousin and her two boys. Well she was stewing and then the present thing didn’t make anything better. It was pointless why we even came. We could have had a great time just staying at the house. But we tried. Its just never been the same since my great auntie died. So we were trying to make the best of it but I went in the other room and they were opening presents in there! And I was like what the crap. But I was just trying to give away the ornaments the boy and I made. Then my cousin blew up said she was done and well since I was her ride I was getting all ready to leave. Then it was a screaming match cussing all over and my uncle telling her to get out of his house and shes not welcome anymore. And grandma screaming that she isn’t racist and that he never said thank you so that’s why she was mad. And then my grandpa who was drunk but trying to keep the peace and calm Heidi down and my aunt who tries to get into everyones business and oh boy it was quite the mess. So we high tailed it out there and went back to my house to wait for everyone to come back and then talk and later my parents took her and the boys home. But oh boy it was a great mess. Christmas day was good though haha.  
Um other than that at church we have started the real marriage series and are reading the book and so far it has been really great and is helping the boy and I a lot. Since we have some issues haha. But we are getting better.
Then last week it was my birthday. So its birthday month and that means free meals! I’m always stoked for that and my coupons. So we have it all scheduled out and is still going on. This weekend we go to the buffet and the real bonus of birthday month is we get a lot of dates out of that! Its exciting. Other than that the calendar is filling up with friends and other things. I’m going to be helping a friend out for a month (paid) while she has surgery and is recovering so that will be fun.
On the review front, I’ve been doing good with reading though none of my reviews are edited because life has been busy and Justin hasn’t had time to help me. But I’ve been getting a lot done, have a few more to write and book to finish reading today. I also have a dayspring review coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that. Hopefully I’ll get more active with the blog and commenting on blogs and such. And also if you don’t subscribe to my examiner columns do so! There are a bunch of great books I’m reviewing coming up!

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