I dunno im really grumpy and I’m really sick of everything right now.
Last week went pretty okay, mostly I just helped my friend a little with dishes and corralling the kids and then we either talked or watched TV. It was pretty low key I’m sure that this week will be more stuff to be done. But I was fine with that.
Church is really getting under my skin I’m SO annoyed with everything. Things with the boy and I are kinda off too. I just don’t even know what to say but I honestly feel like not serving at all right now. I’m sick of it changing every five seconds I’m sick of not being listened to or talked to like I’m a kid. I’m sick of them trying to guilt you into serving or for being late. If I cared if I was late I would change it. But honestly I don’t care all that much. I don’t want to go to a training meeting for teaching. I don’t teach it makes no difference for me. I don’t want to serve midweek so I’m not going to I’ve done enough in the 6 years that I have served you can’t guilt me into doing more than I already do its not happening. So stop pissing me off!
I’m so on edge every time I’m here I love the kids a lot but I dunno if its worth it right now. I’ve done this for over 12 weeks straight and I doubt they will give me a break either. Even though I agreed to do it every week on the condition I would get a break. Some of these people are so condescending and I’m so sick of it.
I’m sick of my friends hurting I’m sick of my idiotic extended family and I’m just tired of it all.
I get that this is only a rant but I have nothing great to say at this moment. I’m mostly just pissed. And that is how it is.

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