Oh boy last week was pure insanity. Tuesday I went from bible study to my friends house then got some take out dinner, then straight to another friends house and didn’t get home til 11:30 pm I left the house at 10 am that morning. It was pure insanity. The Thursday and Friday included some Easter egg dying. And I have to say that isn’t that fun. Its so stressful when you have kids that either don’t know what they are doing, are too young or just plain don’t listen. It makes me not want to do that when I have kids.
The boy and I have been kinda rawrish/snippy with each other but we’re getting to the root of problems and its not me that is the problem he just sorta takes it out on me. We’re working on it. But Saturday we went on a spontaneous date! Famous daves our favorite. We had the best waitress. And then we went thrifting and found some amazing finds! We got a sealed Seinfeld game for less than two dollars! It was pure amazing, and we got a taboo game for a buck and cranium for less than 5 bucks. Then we found some awesome books. Though we should have gone to a different cashier since I think we got the manager and she actually charged us the right prices. When you go to certain people they will charge you the 99 cent price for pocket paper backs on every single book. We were like CURSES when she did that. But we know now.
In other news, moles are horrible! We have this stupid mole that keeps making mounds I think there have been about 9 of them so far. Its so annoying. I don’t even know what to do with it. Except taking the dirt out. I dunno its just bothering me.
I also mowed the lawn today I am sorta sore, with good reason because I never do that. But I was doing it for my exercise today. I also sorta planned out the garden.
I haven’t been reading as much as I should. I am trying to read the hunger games I’m not really as far as I should have been but I am kinda not totally into it I guess. Anyways.
My poor dog she is so gimpy and hobbling all over she hurt herself on Friday I’m not sure how. She didn’t tear off anywhere but she did hop around all over when I got home and when Justin came over. So maybe that’s it but it makes me so sad. I dunno what to do for her really. I just hope she gets better soon.

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