Wow what week it has been. Sometimes hard especially while taking care of the 4 kids and my friend but its been fine.
This week we went on a lot of outings, to doctors appointments and the coop. It was pretty weird to go to children hospital for one of the kids appointments. See back when I was little my brother had cancer and we were at the hospital quite a bit. And I didn’t really exactly anticipate it being as emotional to be there was it was. It really kinda shocked me. But it just took me back to remembering all of it and where we used to go in the hospital and the cafeteria looked exactly the same as I knew it to be. It was good and bad. I just I dunno it really was emotional. Especially when I saw a little girl who had cancer and she was so tiny and bald and a little bit swollen with a feeding tube in her nose. Was just so heart wrenching. I dunno it was strange and I even want to tear up again even thinking about it.
Anyways other things that have gone on this week are watching kids. I also got seeds for my garden and I’m SO excited about it. I cannot wait to plant them. I just have to figure out logistics of what to plant where. And I also will be helping my friend do a garden too! Its exciting. Tonight the boy and I watched the 4 kids while our friends went out. It was so crazy and loud and we finally got them to bed so we are watching Wallace and gromit on netflix. Cute. Hopefully I will have some reviews written tomorrow and I am excited for things that will be coming up in the next few weeks. I really want to go thrifting for books but that time will come soon.

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  1. It's amazing how something that we think won't bother us can bring back so many memories and really bother us more than we thought. Yay for kid-filled weeks! haha!

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