what an exhausting few weeks

So a lot has happened since I wrote the last real post. I will try to cover it all. First I want to say hi to all my new followers I hope you won’t be too shy to comment because my blog feels a little bit lonely.
Okay so we got a break from serving at church and honestly we haven’t even attended since Easter. I don’t mind about that. So we went to the tulip festival! It was really fun and I got some AMAZING shots I will show them when I finally get them uploaded and such. So we had fun, though it would have been much better if they were in full bloom. I was sorta (really) bummed about that. I don’t think I’ll be able to get back there though unless its this next weekend sometime. I dunno. But after that we went thrifting in marysville and eventually Ballard. We went to golden corral for lunch the boy remembered it being so great back home in texas. Well it wasn’t that great here. Some of the food was good. But it was just so chaotic and the managers were snippy and all the employees looked depressed. We ate there, but never again. We were somewhat successful at goodwills, no scrabble games though.
Lately we just haven’t had much time together at all during the week or even on the weekends so we’ve been pretty snippy with each other in general. We’ll get better soon hopefully.
On Saturday we had my cousins boys over all day while she played in a softball tournament. Boy that was chaotic. The older one was a bit cranky after we got home from going to the park and the beach. He was probably really bored. But he refused to do anything. And the younger one was napping at the time. Hes always happy. It was a long long day with them. But it was fun.
Yesterday we skipped church again and went out to the spring fair in puyallup. It was fun, there were a lot of goats and I wanted them haha. I really want a goat so bad they were so cute. I wanted to squeeze one. Yeah its totally my dream to have a goat. We watched this competition for a long while. Dogs that were jumping off a dock into a pool to get their toy. Some did really great. It was really fun to watch. Plus it was out of the sun, so less chance of getting burnt. Then we saw the tail end of a pig race. After that we left to go to look at thrift stores. And ate at old country buffet. It was good. Um we don’t like the good wills that are around there though in that region the prices are all jacked up. They are way more expensive than the stores we regularly go to. We found a few things though.
I am probably going to get a new dslr body. Its not brand new but its new to me. Its a really confusing situation. My dad got a new body and was gonna sell me his old one. But its too big for me. So we opted to try to trade for a newer canon rebel. So we found a deal and that body is on our way to here so we can check it out and see if its all good. Since the guy had no feedback on the board he agreed to send it so we can look at it before he sends some payment for my dads dslr body. So i’m kinda excited but I’m cautious. I have found a lot of stuff and saved it as far as batteries and memory cards and all that stuff. I wish I had a camera bag though I have one but its a sucky one and I will be sold with my old body once that is gone I dunno what i’ll do. I’m sure i’ll figure it out. But the ones I want are SO expensive. So I probably will just have to find a purse that will suffice and then make foam sections. Anyways thats whats going on with me. I’m behind in reading again! I just was bored with it. And I need to start my garden soon.
But the dog is still limpy and more so now she had a seizure today. One where she starts off running so she messed up her leg a bit more. Its a crazy life around here.

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