Thank you for the comments on my last post. Right now I want to share with you bags that I <3! 
A few months ago I sold my old camera body and got a “new” to me one. With that old body went my bag. It was a Lowepro messenger like this.

It was too small with my lens and everything else I tend to bring with me. So I began the hunt for a new bag. And these are the ones that I <3.
I love the slouchiness of it and the colors they have. I like either the slate blue or the mustard. You can fit a fair amount of lenses in this one which is good. It also has two different handles which is nice.
I like the Epiphanie clover in teal.

I think mostly cause its big but its also pretty too. I think it would be too big for me as I’m kinda small.

The Rose from Jo Totes is amazing!

I think its so cute and I love that on the top it has these snaps that make the bag slimmer on the top it makes the functionality of the bag easier. Especially if you are small like I am.
Next up is the Tamrac rally 7

I love how big it is, the thing I don’t love is the fact that it doesn’t come in a lot of vareity as far as color goes.
And finally the best for last. I just found this type of bag while researching bags the other day.
It is the Tenba Messenger!

For one Tenba is just kinda fun to say. But their bags are SO awesome. They come in different colors and seem like they will last forever. I love how many compartments are in the messenger bags and in general they look pretty stinking awesome. They also come in three different sizes, a mini, small and a large.
I hope you’ll stay tuned for more from the blog, I have some reviews coming up, one is the new Veggietales DVD, and I’m gonna post about some books and ones that are coming out soon. I’m excited to share with you guys!

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  1. Uh…seriously…THANK YOU for this post!!!  I recently got my very first DSLR and bought a tote at the same time.  It's a very nice camera bag, but I'd much rather have something like what's pictured above!  I hate having to carry a camera bag and a purse so just having one of the ones pictured above would be perfect!  I didn't know these existed so thank you for sharing!

  2.  hah you're welcome! i'm super crazy when it comes to bags especially camera bags. i've done so much researched its nuts.  yeah i always want something that can carry everything else with it. i don't like carrying both bags at one time.

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