everything is kinda all wacked out right now. the boy and i are fighting but basically its no one talking right now. thats how its been and its driving me nuts. i don’t want to be the first one to say anything like normal. but i also want to be heard. i want to feel like i’m important and that i matter.

i don’t want to fight anymore or even worse just not talking is killing me. but i can’t always be the one to bring everything up and to initiate.

this is a sucky sucky situation and on top of everything else going on i feel like i just might burst. i’m so sad and lonely and burst out in tears at random times. but i’m also pmsy and that makes it a million times worse.

crappy week.

4 thoughts on “UGH JUST TALK TO ME ALREADY!!!!!!

  1. I'm so sorry your going through this right now!  (Hopefully by the time you read this things will be getting back to normal!)  I've totally been in your shoes and gone through the exact same thing.  I've learned, the hard way might I add, that I have two choices in my relationship.  Hold everything in, and drive myself crazy, or let it all out.  Letting it all out is best, for you, the boy, and your relationship, but it's not always easy.  In fact you may try putting your thoughts and feelings on paper or e-mail it to him, that way he can't get distracted, and he is really seeing what's going on, and what your thinking.  I'll be praying for you!!

  2. Sometimes it is best to put your pride down and just sigh and be loving no matter how difficult. Guys tend to have this "tough guy" attitude of wanting to not be first to talk, so you're in for a longer fight unless you try to talk to him first.  Forgive forgive forgive.

  3. Aw, things will get better, I don't know the whole situation, but they will ♥ The hubs and I go through little phases like that every now and then.

    Best wishesxoxo ♥ Shar

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