i have a story to tell. it may be the funniest/weirdest thing I’ve done. though I’m sure there are many more weird things i have done. but this one made me feel awkward.

 yesterday while my mom was walking home from the bus on the main street she said she saw a scrabble game and pieces strewn across the ground. she said she was just telling me to tell me. and i was like well what does that mean? shes like well just if you wanted them. i have been looking at goodwill awhile for scrabble games to make Christmas ornaments with the tiles. anyways onward to the rest of the story.

 we had to go to Costco i brought disposable gloves and a Ziploc bag just in case. cause i was afraid of what would be on the game. i thought that the stands would have been there too but i was not lucky. i have no idea how many tiles are there and I’m sure it looked really weird two ladies with blue disposable gloves on picking up stuff in the grass and putting it in a bag but it was kinda hilarious but embarrassing at the same time. it was free though!

 i need to wash them off ha ha but it was an adventure.

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  1. How do you plan on making the Christmas ornaments. I am curious because my hubby loves Scrabble, and I think it would be really cool! Thanks!

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