I’m frustrated.

So I was looking on a forum and saw this person wanted to get rid of beads. So I responded and I was talking to her but she never replied again then she totally gave it to someone else that replied WAY later then me. Thats just annoying.
Right now i’m trying to save up my survey money for a kindle. Its sorta going slowly but i’ll get there considering I almost have enough. I just secretly hope I win one of those contests I entered to get a kindle that way! I was super against e-readers until I looked at one. Now not so bad!
I’m kinda of in craft mania right now. I am making that poncho I have a bunch of flowers to make and then tomorrow going to joanns to pick out fabric to make a dog bed slip cover for a lady from church. I love the craftiness.
I’m also super excited since its birthday month for the boy. We have tons of restaurant coupons. We’ve already used one. Then we have a bunch more to use so that means dates! Yay! Im excited to go to benihana and the buffet haha we love the buffet we’re weird. Um I don’t know what else is going on. Not much else. Everything in my room is a mess. So I should go clean that soon. I’m super behind in reading blogs again and reviews too. Meh. But i’m excited for the new followers.

6 thoughts on “I’m frustrated.

  1. Hi there happy to have found you. I love the polka dots ya got going on over here girl. Super cute blog. Sorry to hear about your being passed over with the bead lady, that's a total bummer. But sounds like at least you are moving on and back to crafting it up despite that persons rude oversight!! And yay, for b-day gift cards to restaurants. Those help the budget big time!

  2. I think I will always enjoy reading books the old-fashioned way best, but it is pretty easy to use a Kindle when you're traveling. I downloaded the Kindle app onto my iPhone and I use it whenever we go out of town. It's so much easier than putting books into my purse or carry-on.

    Happy birthday to your boyfriend!!!

  3. Visiting from the hop at pretty little inspirations. Congrats on the new followers. Hope you enjoy the kindle. It is on my wish list among many other things.

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