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Tamrac Rally 6 Camera Bag Review

Today for review I have the Tamrac 3446 Rally 6 Camera Bag.
This is a messenger type bag for DSLR cameras and lenses. Sometimes its really difficult to find a quality camera bag that will last for years and years. Or even one that is big enough to hold all your gear without being too heavy. Personally I tend to be pretty picky on what I want in a bag. I love a messenger type bag when it comes to camera gear.
When I go out to take pictures I don’t like to bring my purse, I just pack the essentials so I don’t carry around two bags at once.

This is a very well made bag, the strap has a comfort grip on it which is always key. Some bags don’t have that at all and it makes carrying around DSLR’s a bit uncomfortable. A really great feature on the bag is the fact that it has pockets on the side for a water bottle. Thats really nice and you hardly see that at all. Or at least I don’t. I love that this isn’t just a plain black bag. The red stripe is just one that makes it pop. Its not so boring then plain black. It also has a zippered pocket which you can see when you open up the flap that is perfect for batteries etc.

There are some things I don’t like about this bag. For one it doesn’t fit all I would carry normally. But I could take out my small digital and there would be room. But I usually bring both my DSLR and my point and shoot. I also am not really fond of the dividers. It seems weird to me to have it sectioned off like it is in the picture on the website. And then I don’t know how you’d access things if you had two different teirs of dividers. It just is super strange to me. The velcro and the way the dividers are makes it kind of difficult to move the sections with ease.
 It is a great bag i’d just need to downsize a bit of what I bring to fit in there. Which isn’t nessicarily a problem.  
Thank you to Tamrac for providing this bag for me to review, I was not compensated in anyway and these are my own thoughts.

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  1. This looks like a really nice bag! I use a backpack style to hold all of my lenses and tripod, but that's because I normally only use it when we're hiking. I need one of those cute camera bags that looks like a purse for carrying my camera around to everyday type places. Any recommendations for that?

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