weird things always happen to us.

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I’m just gonna talk about my weekend a little bit. Friday I got into this whole organization craze. Sometimes when I pms I get into that kind of mood. So I did that and got rid of a lot of stuff at goodwill. And while at goodwill I returned two books I got the other day because while at value village I got the same ones. It was this series for the boy and I didn’t know the titles so I just grabbed and went. At VV they don’t let you return so I just returned them to goodwill. No big deal. Then we watched the last disc in the season 8 of greys anatomy. I cried a lot. It was horrible. Stupid show. But at least we’re caught up.
Saturday um I was drained from my crazy organization/cleaning frenzy and the boy and I were fighting. I don’t really remember what else we did.
Sunday, more fighting with the boy and I. Um I did more crocheting. Was working on an infinity scarf. Then got yarn from my neighbor to make her little baby girl a poncho. Um we went out to dinner at the keg. It was glorious. Then we watched amazing race!
Also on sunday the boy and I went to do errands after dinner. And I have to say it was really weird. This guy came up to us in the target parking lot. He said he was homeless and he went through this whole story he asked if we liked gospel r&b and rap. He went over how he had an idea to sell cds cause he had an interview the next day and he needed to get a 100 dollars to get into his storage unit. And he really didn’t give you a chance to get a word in. it was really weird. And because the boy can’t ever say no he gave the guy 6 bucks. And the cd is weird. Haha I dunno how he would have an interview at aerospace and I don’t get how he would make cds if he was homeless. But its whatever. Its done. He kept talking about how jesus would bless us and stuff like that which is nice and all but the story was weird. Haha. Only happens to us.
I’m SO excited cause duck dynasty is coming on tonight. There are no words for how much I love this show. Its just the best thing ever!
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  1. That is a weird story! But then again, is there any story involving a homeless man approaching you that isn't a little weird?

    I'm your newest follower!


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